Tuesday, April 12, 2011

American Idol promo for Pop Tarts!

Toyota Promo

Guitar Hero Promo

ABC Red Carpet tour

AT&T promo booth at USU quad

Activation for JetBlue
Pita Pit promo on USU campus
Chevy Experience the Drive promo at the South Town Expo Center

Stu in his clay

Stu's beautiful pottery!

Girls night out in Park City!

I love my girls! We have soooo much fun getting together. I always look forward to our girls nights out. We try and do an over nighter at least once a year with no kids and we stay up all night talking and having a blast! I have the best girl friends ever!!!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Bear Lake with the Browns!

Our New Car!

Sold the Landrover gas guzzler and got another car. We got a 2007 Toyota Camry that is charcoal gray and has tinted windows! It is super nice and I love it:)

Date night at the ropes course!

We had lots of fun with a few of our friends and did some fun things at the ropes course. I love adventurous stuff, it's my favorite!

Aprils Birthday!

We got together for April's birthday and all us girls went and got a massage then went to lunch at Zupas and to a movie. It was lots of fun and I sure could get used to getting massages often.

Outdoor movie night!

Several times this summer we have had outdoor movie night in our backyard and invited all the neighbors and watched a fun kids movie. This night was Alvin and the chipmunks the squeekwal, it was a cute movie. Everyone had lots of fun. We brought out the popcorn cheese and nacho cheese trays and had drinks and lots of goodies. It's a lot of work to set everything up, but oh so worth it, the neighbors love it!